Butterteat's Debut CD, Audio Morphine, was released on May 17th, 2003. It is a Full length cd, with 13 tracks. You can purchase it through any group member, or the ORDER option below!

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01   Nod Rog Dew   05   The Sandwich Opera   09   Audio Morphine
02   The Tree Song   06   Maracas   10   Gay Chipmunk
03   My Toe   07   The Porn Tune   11   The Sausage Song
04   Pink Fart   08   Nougat (The Rock Opera)   12   Nipples 3

Nod Rog Dew
yeah so uh, i got a mackie mixer the other day, it cost me $1,650, they told me it wasnt indestructable, so i got an anvil
case for it, ill prove them bastards wrong, yeah, it was uh pretty penny, uh, if anybody touches it, ill have to hit um over
the head with a lead based microphone stand

i am nod rog dew, i am nod rog dew
i am nod rog dew, and i got an ashley power amp
i am nod rog dew

yeah so uh, i was working tech crew the other day, this guy tried to plug in an amp without a union guy being there, cord
was this big around, negative gauge i swear, yeah so uh, i had to go ahead and hit him over the head with a lead based microphone stand, so uh, have you seen miller lately

i am nod rog dew, i am nod rog dew
i am nod rog dew, and i have a behringer mixer
i am nod rog dew

uh, i really like dave matthews, did he do this part right here

spit on it and itll blow up

yeah so, uh heh, so i hear mrs whites been trying to avoid me, so have you uh seen miller lately

i am nod rog dew, i am nod rog dew
i am nod rog dew, i got an ashley power amp
i am nod rog dew, check out my behringer mixer
i am nod rog dew, and i got a power amp
i am nod rog dew, look at all my fine gadgets
i am nod rog dew, check out my wire rim glasses
i am nod rog dew


The Tree Song
i like trees, i like trees, all my friends, we like trees
in the pines, no one minds, we like trees

i like bark, i like bark, all my friends, we like bark
willow, sweet willow, we like trees

i like pinecones, i like pinecones, all my friends, we like pinecones
spruce, timid spruce, we like trees

i like acorns, i like acorns, all my friends, we like acorns
maple, thick syrupy maple, we like trees

trees, trees, trees, trees, i said hunk-a-hunk-a burnin trees
trees, trees, trees, pretty please trees


My Toe
what happened to my toe, what happened to my toe
did it run away, or is it still there
or did it just fall off, did it just fall off
did it just fall off, did it just fall off

they cut it off, they cut it off, they cut it off, they cut it off
they cut it off, they cut it off, they cut it off, they chopped it off

i said stop it, bucko


Pink Fart
its joy time

girls let pink farts, girls let pink farts

ahh they think it smells like roses but it surely does not
i think it smells like sulfer and eggs that have rot

girls let pink farts, girls let pink farts

ahh i better don my gas mask, this is really so rank
like a million stink bombs shot form a sherman tank

fallout, fallout, fallout, fallout, oh

gas taking over my nose is so sore, spewing forth flammable
gases we know, im not so sure, dizzyness grows on me now

hey nice lady

girls let pink farts, girls let pink farts

ahh that was a stinker, it was way off the chart
ya gotta use some lysol, if you don't you better start
you better start, you better start, that juicy juicy fart
ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, AHHHHH

hey that was swell, mlavin, flavin


The Sandwich Opera
i've got a sandwich, trusty sandwich, upon which i rely
stand beside me, trusty sandwich, ham and swiss on rye
nothing oh nothing which tickles my fancy
a sandwich with some deli chips

singular peppy old chip off the hoagie, its true

sandwich, sandwich, sandwich
ill be eating you now

salami and pickles and olive loaf mayo
liverwurst cheese, its my specialty
all of them crushed on a sweet honey bun
but all of it good, its a good treat, chow down

peanut butter jelly and toast its all ready
and corn chips appear, mine eyes theres a tear
eat and i slobber i need a big bib
but need you no fret, im here

sandwich, sandwich, sandwich
i want some milk

sandwich and pickles and olive oil dressing
a really cold beer, i am not a queer
sits in a plate, attilla the hun

ill eat, last bite, i want, some more, feed me

look at my maracas, theyre so fine, when i first saw them
i nearly blew my mind, oh yeah, oh yeah

maracas are clean, thats peachy keen
i like to play them all the time

maracas are mine, they were a find
i play maracas all the time
they're really neat, a tune you cant beat
keep your hands off or you're gonna die

look at my maracas, theyre so fine, when i first saw them
i nearly blew my mind, oh yeah, oh yeah


The Porn Tune
yeah, nice music ya got here, fan of silence are we, hah hah

um yeah, there susually music in porn, um please get naked

oh you want me to take my clothes off, i guess you want me to leave them on then, hah hah

um no, how can you f*** me with your clothes on, i came here to be f***ed, i wanna make f***, so f*** me already

well no one wants to f*** you ya ugly pig, look, guacamole, thats ketchup in mexico, hah hah, mexico, if its 4 o clock here
then it must be 11 o clock there, hah hah, i guess that means if its the nba there, it must be the nhl here, hah hah

um please, um, were trying to do a porno here

yeah, yeah, i went to the zoo, they had grizzly bears, i guess theyre polar bears there, hah hah, i seen a piano once, you
must call um harpsichords there, hah hah, i made ramen noodles once, out there you call it maruchan instant lunch, hah hah, yeah so uh, huh

um can you shut up, were doing a porno here, heh cookies, i even hired jimmy stewert to cameo

eat my soup bitch, aw hell im leavin

im fed up with the both of you, im gonna eat some cookies

yeah cookies, i think we call that cake here, hah hah hah

Nougat (The Rock Opera)
the sun comes up and it shines
i wipe the boogers from my eyes
seems funny to me, time for my morning pee

take a shower and im clean, i shit and shave just for me
gonna eat something today, a milky way or pay day

do re mi fa so la, merci blah blah blah blah
like donny osmond sings and birds and other things

its gonna be a great (pretty good) day

II i am walking, i am walking, i am walking to the store
can't decide what chewy nougat, for which i am longing for
i am walking, i am walking, i am walking my chins up high
i can't decide what tasty candy, maybe with peanuts maybe nigh

oh hey there mr mcgrath, how ya doin today

aw, get off me lawn, yer tramplin the grass

oh im sorry bout that, im on my way to the store to buy a candy bar, its gonna be great

ah well good, go, good riddence to ya, dont ya have no shame

hey jimmy, hows it goin

oh hi mr cosby

hey jimmy, howd ya like a jello puddin pop

well mr cosby i cant because

i wont eat no jello pudding, i want candy and heres why
jello is creamy, but has no nougat, so a candy bar i shall buy

III my flowers are gone, what am i to do
i got me grass its me lawn, and i just lost that from his shoe

i hope he likes his treat, i wish him all the best
i hope it tastes like rancid meat, will ya look at this mess

whats with the kids today and the rock and roll, i enjoy the jazz music and the jello puddin pops, and the whose in the
whatzit and the hey hey hey, im gonna give you a zerbert cause this is my house

well, uh, ill see you guys later

IV walkin, candy bars, walkin, candy bars, walkin
candy bars, walkin, the door, and in i go, walkin, to the
counter goes me, walkin, its syleboskie, walkin, im here

excuse me sir, i have a question

hey guy, yonder back in 19 aught 2 i had a cattle farm, back then cows were twice as big, gave 3 times the milk and crocheted sweaters in the meantime, well, we had this fussy sheep called mildred, she used to eat all the shingles off the chicken pens, anyway that would anger the neighbors so theyd catapult their garbage onto the fields, back then garbage was cleaner, they called it unusables, the children would play in it all day, till night time when they came inside and lined up for their nightly spanking and bread milk

actually, i just wanted to know where the candy bars are

candy bars, aisle two

V aisle two, aisle two holy canoli, im so close
almost there, reaching, i got it

the candy bar is creamy, im so glad i got the cash
cause im gonna buy it now, i will ill show um now
i will ill show um now i will, ha ha, heres my dollar twenty five

aw, dollar twenty five, back in my day it was 5 cents if it was a quarter and you got no choice, it was macaroons or peanut
bars, sometimes on special occasions ma would give us another quarter to buy moon pies for everyone, oh that was a great special occasion, back then stuff was cheap and abundant...

VI mmmm chocolate, mmmmm choclorific, mmmmm
nougaty, mmmmmm last bite, oh no, what have i done

VII i wanted, peanuts, but now im broke
and i cant buy a snickers bar, and so now im lonely
the world is against me, all i can do is die, goodbye

VIII awww no look at this mess, paul newmans
gonna have my legs broke

Audio Morphine
uhhhh gEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHfffffff geeeeee!!!!!


Gay Chipmunk
no one knows what its like to be like me
gay chipmunks have things hard you see
it gets so lonely in my gay chipmunk tree
oh woe is me, ill listen to nsync and paint my toenails

no one knows what its like to be the gay chipmunk
no one takes me seriously
ill go back to my doilies and my show tunes
oh woe is me, woe is me who plays the fool

my friends they laugh with glee
when i say im going to get me some nuts
(ya know for dinner homo chipmunks have to eat too ya know)

when mating season rolls around i find myself left with a frown
cause all the hot boy chipmunks are taken
i dye my fur, get manicures, but yet it seems im never wanted

no one knows what its like to be the gay chipmunk
living with this every day and no ones sad but me
it figures, so ill go on being gay boy, anyway

lets get this party started, oh yeah

i like to dance with my heels up high, i like to cha cha every
night, im gay, but thats okay, shooby doo wop doo wah
it doesnt matter where i go, i want everybody to know that im
gay, you better get it right bub, cause im gay, and i dont
mean the happy kind either, but im gay, and thats okay, hows
that for a show tune, YEAH


The Sausage Song
breakfast sausage, polish sausage
breakfast sausage, polish sausage


Nipples 3
ladies and gentlemen, welcome to todays event on sunday sunday sunday, coming to you all the way from the planet mars, its geddy lee (hey thats me)

hi i am the man known as geddy lee
i come from the planet mars with my nipples three
i can only sing like this cause i crushed a gonad
the only other voices i have are in my head

im geddy, im geddy lee

geddy lee you are one ugly man
(what do you mean im ugly)
id have to shoot you if you came on my land
(my mother says im handsome)
youre quite disturbing i think youd agree
i wish youd go back to mars with your nipples three

i like to sing for my band rush
when i walk on stage theres an eerie silent hush
neil peart, alex lifeson both agree
if they could do it again, theyd do it without me

im geddy, im geddy lee

geddy lee you should be oh oh so ashamed
you scared away the children you are to blame
(i didnt scare away any children, im perfect)

you scared away the lochness monster and frankenstein
(what do you mean frankenstein, hes a fictional character)
youve been around for too long its time to resign
(geddy lee is real)

youre geddy, youre geddy lee

(what who are those singers, im not gay, i sang limelight, limelight i tell you, and ill tell you what, tom sawyers a mean
mean guy, well not in a sexual way, i may look like ionis, but i dont lean that way sexually, i am the mighty geddy lee, neil
peart would still be working at the dairy queen if it werent for me, im geddy lee)

barry manilow is one cool mother f*****


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