How much is that Herbert in the window?

After a few months of the Butterteat website being in limbo (or taking a vaction to purgatory, whichever sounds best to you), the site is back up and running. More like walking actually. Either way, now you can get your 'teat fix both on Myspace and here.

If anyone has questions or suggestions you can leave them on our guestbook, or drop an email by heading to our contact page.

Hopefully soon I can give you a nicer, more exciting update. Till then, may your Butter be delicious, and your teat

"...The most laugh inducing track has got to be 'Nipples 3'..." ---this is a quote from a past review, by Bob Silvestri (best of wny), that i dug up. Read the entire article HERE

Iced tea has been a godsend in this incredible heat

Teat fans can add us as their friends at

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